Exceptional Home Designs can help:

  • Clients seeking Custom Home design and consulting services

  • Custom Builders seeking buildable and affordable house plans

  • Remodelers who need a professional to help envision a project

  • Real Estate professionals needing floor plan layouts for a listing or marketing

  • Architects seeking to outsource work to a proven partner

  • Contractors or Homeowners who need plans for a deck or finished basement

  • Do-it-yourselfers who want to build their own project without a Contractor but needing consulting advice along the way


Once the plans are done and the permits are in hand, the easy part starts- building the project. With detailed plans and the option of consulting services during the project the building process should run smoothly. When the final coat of paint is on and the project is complete we hope you will become another great referral for Exceptional Home Designs.


Once the parameters are agreed upon the design phase begins. First, a preliminary plan will be developed to give you a first look at the design. Next, revisions are made to get the design down to a final version. At this point, depending on the nature of the project, a bid set of plans can be distributed for preliminary pricing -or- the plans are finalized. The final construction drawings include all details necessary for permitting and building the project. In some cases, a structural engineer may be required to seal the plans for permit.


It all starts with a need- a bigger home, a better bathroom, a room for an aging parent, more storage. Whatever the need, the first step is feasibility- Will the house fit on the lot? Is the existing house structurally sound? Do I have the budget to invest in a project like this? Before the first sketch is done there are numerous questions to be asked. Our process takes the client from the unknown to the known, from the impossible to the possible, and with constant and open communication as the key.


Exceptional Home Designs uses 3D CAD not only for generating the construction documents for a project but also photo-realistic renderings and walk-throughs as shown in this sample video. Pricing for this level of detail and visualization is on a per-project basis.